[Advaita-l] shankara-digvijaya

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 13:52:05 CDT 2003

     This is in response to a request for the
translations of the shankara-digvijaya. 

     There is a mAdhAvIya-shankara-digvijaya (in 2
volumes) with Samskrit original and Kannada
translation and commentary by the great vidvAn shrI
ranganAtha sharma. This book is published by shrI
shringeri maTha and has blessings from His Holiness
shrI bhAratI tIrtha. In addition to the digvijaya,
these books (the second volume) have useful and very
interesting topic-based quotes or pithy vAkyas fit for
manana from AchArya's bhAShyas. For example -

na cha dvaitam.h upadeshArham.h |
jAta-mAtra-prANi-buddhi-gamyatvAt |

There is also a very good English Translation of the
digvijaya by Swami Tapasyananda. This book is
published by Sri RamakrishnAshrama (Chennai, if I am
not mistaken). This should be available for sale on
the Ramakrishna Math web page. 

If anybody knows Kannada, I recommend the former as a
very readable and scholarly translation. Since the
Samskrit shlokas are available with the translation,
it becomes very easy to get the original also. 


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