[Advaita-l] RE: Dasa Avatars(In response to Shri B. Shankar)

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Mon May 19 22:58:01 CDT 2003


>prANAdibhiranantaishcha bhAvairetairvikalpitah |
>mayaiShA tasya devasya yayA saMmohitam svayam || 19 ||
>[The self is] imagined to be infinite [universals] such as prana.
>This is the maya of that God by which He deludes Himself.
>Previous to this shloka Gaudapadacharya had given the famous example of
>the rope which in the darkness appears to be a snake but whose true nature
>is revealed in the night.  The question is how did this false projection
>come about?
>In the present shloka he answers.  The self (which is called God to
>emphasize the glory of its true nature) imagines itself to be infinite
>universal objects like prana.  Let me emphasize It is the self as God
>(paramatma) which is being called the cause of Maya not the individual
>selves (atmas).
>The confusion sets in because at the paramarthic level atma and paramatma
>are one and the same.  But at the vyavaharic level they appear to be
>different.  This is why it says He (paramatma) deludes Himself (atma.)

If Atman is deluded by ignorance then ignorance should be as real as Atman. 
None can drink water from a mirage. Nor can you say that I can be injured by 
the horns of a hare.

In any case saying that Atman is deluded is a highly unvedantic position. 
Refer to the reply given to Mr. Jayanarayanan.

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