[Advaita-l] Locus of avidyaa

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan_kc at hotmail.com
Tue May 20 10:40:29 CDT 2003

>- jiva or iishvara cannot be locus of aviydaa because they are caused by 
>- hence, the only choice we have is brahman. *
>- This is not a problem  because avidyaa is non existent and unreal.

A better solution would be - "Since avidya is ultimately unreal, talking of 
its locus is useless. It would be like talking about the salinity of the 
water in a mirage."

>- Because of the unreal nature of avidyaa and real nature of brahman, we do
>not bring in duality by saying avidya has its locus in brahman

But you do contradict vedAnta if you say that brahman is deluded. Not even 
as a vyavahArik satya is it acceptable that brahman is deluded.

>- Such an answer has to be given [about the locus] because the question is
>asked in the spell of avidya and answer is given in its realm.

Not necessarily. SInce avidya is ultimately unreal.

Saying that brahman is deluded is the highest avidya. Better not to talk 
anything rather than spreading such avidya.

>If one does not take the route, one should give room
>to accept his own inability to understand things and get confused, before
>blaming the text.

No text which says that brahman is deluded would be spared. vedAnta is more 
important than subjectivity.

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