FW: Re: [Advaita-l] Locus of avidyaa

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Wed May 21 15:28:57 CDT 2003

Respected Sri Sadanandaji:

Yes. You are correct. Invoking anirvachaniiya is the answer. By refusing to
answer, this is what I meant.

Question: What is the locus of avidyaa (maayaa)
Answer: maaya is anirvachaniiya, hence your question can not be answered.

I see that, I could have stopped at

Answer: maaya is anirvachaniiya.
as far as writing about anirvachaniiya, there are far more qualified people
in this list than me. It is better that people like you write.

As the second part -- I think you are indirectly invoking eka jiiva vaada.
Not only that,  by the line "Iswara and maaya are all notions of Jiiva only"
you are putting the locus of mAyA in jiiva :-))

Your corrections and comments will be gratefully received.


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> Ravi thanks for your kind words.  It is not refusing to answer -
> anirvachaniiya is the correct answer - it is inexplicable - the reason


Ravi one has to be careful here. Remember ultimately even the concept of
Iswara and maaya are all notions of Jiiva only.  Jiiva is one who seems
himself to be different from the rest of the universe - once separated
he has to bring in Iswara with sarvaj~natvam and sarva shaktitvam etc as
creator of the universe. Maaya and avidya get separated, one making as a
tool in Iswara and the othe making it as karaNa for jiiva's delusion.
Jiiva makes Iswara being sarvaj~na locus of maaya than avidya. But
ultimately all are jiiva's notions due to his avidya.


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