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Kotekal, Srinivas [Non-Employee/0200] srinivas.kotekal at pharmacia.com
Thu May 22 10:18:28 CDT 2003

Namaste Vaidya-ji.

Thanks for replying my doubts. I do have some further questions, please see

>A fairly straight forward question as I see it, but one that will take your
>own introspection to answer. In that process, I see the following as
>(a) You first have to accept that there is a liberation state. What it
>really is does not matter for now.
>(b) You have to also accept that you are not already liberated (i.e. you
>in bondage).

Agreed. I accept both the points. (a good summarization of foundation

>That leaves only one alternative, namely, to accept both these points,
>there is a state of liberation, and you are now in bondage. If this is the
>case, you have to find out (a) what is this bondage, (b) what is this
>exalted or "unbound" or "liberated" state (c) how can you go from the state
>of bondage to one of liberation.

Very True. But my question is, after reaching there (liberation), can we say
above two base points  are unreal ?. This doubt is because, as Sri
Vidyasankar-ji mentioned in his previous post (as per Sri gauDapAda) , all
our foundation items of bondage/liberation/seeker of liberation are all not
there (or nothing ever happened as per Sri Kalyan) after reaching there. 

Did Sri gauDapAda meant "NO MORE bondage/liberation/seeker of liberation"
vs. our understanding of "NOT AT ALL existed bondage/liberation/seeker of
liberation what so ever" ?    

If he really meant the former, in that case, can we say all these
bondage/liberation/seeker of liberation/process of liberation are not real
ultimately ?  

Please share your thoughts.


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