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Fri May 23 04:12:53 CDT 2003

Hello Stig Lundgren,

  i hope you will fully agree with me that the Isavayopanishad 
Commentary of Sri Sankaracharya translation into English by Swami 
Sachidanandendra Saraswathi is a good work.

  i have come to know that the swamiji has also written, a 
translation, (incomplete) for the Kena Upanishad, remaining 

  Bad luck for the readers.

On Fri, 23 May 2003 Stig Lundgren wrote :
>Venkata Subramanian wrote,
> >    interstingly,  in exactly only ONE PLACE 
> > Bhashya Asambuthi Prakaranam)  the Acharya has used the term
> > 'karana Sharira' in the Whole of his Prasthana Treya 
> >
> >   Can anyone quote anyother place from anywhere of his
> > Treya Bhashya ONLY Please.
> >
>I fully agree with you. As far as I can see, the karana Sharira
>(causal body) is mentioned in Shankara´s works only once, 
>in Ishavasyopanishad Bhashya 8, where he says the following:
>"He, the Self, 'went round on all sides', that is, He pervaded
>all like the ether. 'White' or 'pure' means luminous, that is
>'flashing'. 'Bodiless' means without a body, that is, without a
>subtle body (linga-sharira). 'Having no apertures and no
>passages'. These last two characteristics show that He has no
>gross physical body. 'Pure' means unsoiled by nescience. He has
>no causal body (karana sharira)." (transl. A. J. Alston)
>Apparently, according to Shankara, karana sharira means
>nescience. This is maybe even more obvious from the translation
>made by Swami Satchidanandendra Saraswati, who translates the
>last sentence thus: "Pure, without dirt, free from the dirt of
>ignorance - this negates karana sharira (causal body)." The 
>could be said regarding the translation of Swami Gambhirananda,
>who translates the sentence as follows: "Shuddham, taintless,
>devoid of the dirt of ignorance; thereby is negated a causal
>body." (By the way, I don´t have the original sanskrit text
>available here).
>      It is obvious that the concept of karana sharira doesn´t
>play any important role in Shankara´s writings. Moreover, he do
>not refer anywhere to the post-Shankara doctrine according to
>which the soul enters the karana sharira in deep sleep 
>      By the way, in Upadesa Sahasri (considered a genuine work
> from Shankara´s pen by scholars and traditional pandits alike)
>Shankara once more comments upon Ishavasyopanishad 8. This time
>he completely leaves the karana sharira out of the picture:
>"Because the Veda says that the Self is without 'apertures' or
>'subtle canals' one should reject the gross body as unreal; and
>because it also says that the Self is pure and free from evils
>one should reject all mental impurity and understand that when 
>calls the Self 'bodiless' it means that there is no subtle body
>Warm regards
>Stig Lundgren
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