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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Fri May 23 23:40:34 CDT 2003

On Sat, 24 May 2003, venkata  subramanian wrote:

> >The latter.  This is why his philosophy is also called Asparsha
> >Yoga
> >because the atma is truly never touched by maya.  That is like
> >the example
> >of the Moon appearing to sit in the branches of a tree when in
> >fact it is
> >thousands of miles away.  So too, because our immediate
> >perceptions are
> >based on the faulty testimony of the senses, the atma appears to
> >be "in"
> >the body even though it is really seperate.
>    Excellant example Vyas Ji.

Thanks.  Although I cannot find the exact reference right now I believe
that example comes from the Yogavasishtha which also gives many other
analogies to explain this idea.

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