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Sun May 25 12:35:40 CDT 2003

>  Adhyaropa Apavadabhyam ...is surely genuine. 100 %  Gita Bhashya 13-2.
>Still, a mere presence of this in the midst of other objectionable 
>sentences cannot make the hole work genuine.

Au contraire, my point is that the portion of the text that ends with the 
"adhyAropa-apavAdAbhyAM" is not Sankara's composition, precisely because he 
already quotes it as somebody else's.

>  Let me also remind here, that this Swamiji has very interestingly pointed 
>out occasional clash between the Brahma Sutra Bhashya and the 
>Brihadaranyaka Bhashya.  ( in Prana Vrithi) See his introduction

The occasional differences between these two works is quite well-known. That 
is precisely why I argue that one cannot decide questions of authenticity of 
works attributed to Sankara using only the brahmasUtra commentary as the 

>to Naishkarmya Sidhi Commentary - Klesha Apaharini.   Please read the 
>portion.  Thus, the  presence of a vartika cannot make a work genuine of 
>the Great Acharya's.

It is not the mere presence of a vArttika that I emphasize. It is the 
similarity, in both thinking and style of composition, between 
naishkarmyasiddhi and pancIkaraNa vArttika that I wish to be taken 

Moreover, strictly speaking, nobody has proved that the same author wrote 
the brahmasUtra bhAshya and the bRhadAraNyaka bhAshya, or other upanishad 
bhAshya-s. Nobody has proved also that the author of naishkarmyasiddhi is 
the same as the author of the vArttika-s on the yajurveda upanishad 
bhAshya-s. Arguments about textual authenticity often begin with an 
assumption that places the commentaries beyond doubt, while rejecting all 
prakaraNa texts, even those that might well be genuine, and then end with 
the same assumption reworded as a conclusion.

>  Panchikarana is a must for Samnyasa..is rejected by Sachidanandendra 
>Saraswathigal,in a logical way in the above referred work.  This view is 
>the view of Yati Dharma Sangraha Kara.

Perhaps not a must, but traditionally accepted within the Sankaran tradition 
for many centuries now.


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