[Advaita-l] Re: Your membership in advaita-l

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Tue May 27 16:52:05 CDT 2003

Dear Jaldhar,

Thanks for clarifying.

>Advaita-l was the original.  The central figures in this list were adamant
>about keeping it on a firmly traditional and high quality level.  The
>founders of Advaitin were more accepting of New Age silliness and disliked
>being reminded it is silliness so they left to form their own list.
>Several people from that era are members of both lists, some of one or the

I was also confused by some of the postings there which were neither
nor advaita.   Some of them claim that Advaita and mahAyAna buddhism
are similar.  Some others talked about "Pleroma" in the name of advaita.

If people keep adding their own ideas and keep calling it advaita,  soon we
won't have an advaita,  what we will end up with will be a heterogenous
of all these ideas.   The same thing is true of prasthAna-traya also,  if we
add our
own ideas into prasthAna-traya  then we will loose prasthAna-traya itself
and end up
with a heterogenous mixture of prasthAna-traya and all these outside ideas.

I think  it is very important to find out where a particular idea is coming
If an idea comes from outside of  prasthAna-traya then we may be
better off ignoring it completely in the beginning itself,  than to go with
that idea
and end up loosing prasthAna-traya itself !!

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