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On Tue, 27 May 2003, venkata  subramanian wrote:

> i do agree, that there is nothing much to read from the mere
> absense of the term Narayana in the whole of the Body of Gita.
> You have quoted how it is used in the Mahabharatha.
> But what interests a curious reader, is the devotion and
> ferverence with which, the Great Bhashyakara Pada is often
> referring to the word Narayana  in his Bhashya.....
> especially, whenever Vasudeva is used, he writes,
> Narayanakyam.....

This is just speculation on my part but having recently read the section
dealing with vyuhavada in the BSB I think it might be plausible.
Vasudeva etc. were in prominent use by the Bhagavatas for non-Vedic
purposes.  Narayana on the other hand is prominently used in the Vedas and
quite clearly demonstrates an Advaita bhava (Nara + ayana = that which
pervades Man.  See also Jays' posting.)  So by using the name Narayana not
only is Bhagavan being praised but an important Advaitic concept is
mentioned and the authority of non-Vedic Agamas is criticized.  Another
favorite phrase of Acharya is "higher than the avyakta." This apart from a
term of praise is an implicit criticism of the Samkhya/Yoga idea that
unmanifest Prakrti is the cause of creation.

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