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Fri May 30 01:58:34 CDT 2003

--- kalyan chakravarthy <kalyan_kc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> (Response to Nomadeva Sharma)
> >When you say 'At that time', do you believe that
> >all vedas are not apaurusheya, that they have 
> >their own time-periods when they are valid, that 
> >the vedas are based on the popular theories 
> >floating around at that time?
> Indologists have reasonably established the relative
> chronology of the vedas. But since I am not asking 
> you to believe them, you should not be having any 
> problem. (The Rg Veda samhita for instance is itself

> not simulataneous in occurence, if the Indologists 
> are to be believed. They suppose the 10th mandala 
> to be later than the others.)
> My reply was more in response to a question posed
> earlier in the list. It would be wise to keep that 
> in mind before assuming too many things.
> If your intend to find proofs for the relative
> chronology of vedas, Indology books and lists 
> would be of a better help than this list.

It is your assumption that I want to discuss Indology
here. Your reply to the earlier question had advanced
or supported the idea that Narayana and Vishnu refer
to different beings or that such an idea existed at
one point of time. Upon my pointing out that such an
idea has no place in sAmpradAya, which sees Narayana
no differently from Vishnu, you come up with this
incongruent advice as a reply? 

Actually, you were not even true to whatever
contemporary academe holds on the chronology of Vedas.
They hold that Yajurveda is a work later than Rg
(which is why they have to assume that X maNDala is a
latter addition; as if there was one set of accepted
redactions!). So, your point that Narayana started his
career as a foremost god is wrong. There are couple
more, but an instance is sufficient.

> I think it would be a pointless exercise to continue
> this reply. My original mail was intended as a reply

> to a specific question. You would be doing 
> yourself a lot of good if you visit the Indology
> list and try to refute the  views of the other 
> scholars over there.

You would be doing yourself and everybody a lot of
good, if you, in your replies, distinguish between
sAmpradAyic view and others, i.e., if you know the



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