[Advaita-l] adhyAsa - part I

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Namaste Sri Ravishankar,

I was advised by my friends at the other list to go through the five files on
adhyAsa-bhAshya,  which Sri SadAnanda has put together.   It is well
written and has good information on adhyAsa.


There are five files on adhyAsa-bhAshya.   I did go through all of them
and I had some questions on them as well.   I have already indicated
those to the author.  With his permission,  I will include them here 
in this series as well at an appropriate time.

I firmly believe that any discussion or arguments that is vedaantic in
nature,  brings out what is good for all of us, only when it leads to a further
study of shAstra.   If we loose this sight,  the arguments tend towards
"winning" and personal,  and no one benefits from it.

I am glad to know that good things such as you "being reminded 
about a long pending work" are happening because of these postings.
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  namaste Sri Jay Nelamangala:

  Your message reminded me of a long pending work of converting a Sri Subhanu Saxena's article on adhyAsa bhaashhya to PDF. I posted the revision 1 of this text document in 2001. Here is the revision 2 of the document:


  Sanskrit words  are enclosed in < > in the running text so as to convert them automatically using a script to Roman Transileration in LaTeX. 



  (Sunderji, can you please forward this to Advaitin)


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