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Hari Om !!

The questions about 'Identity' and 'two birds' keep
coming up, with not a very convincing reply. I am
equally troubled often. I am taking liberty to express
my views on this basic but frustrating question.

--- Ravishankar Venkatraman <sunlike at hotmail.com>

Does that mean Atman is just a reflection of Brahman
in our individual bodies?
Does that also mean that Brahman has an identity which
is separate from the our individual identities? or you
are using an analogy to explain, but truly Brahman has
no identity.


I learnt that the correct way to answer such questions
is to look from top-to-bottom. The whole aim of Sruthi
is to advice 'Oneness' or more specifically
'Onlyness'. Atman IS Brahman; rather they are two
different names given from two different perspectives
that are driven based on our present common
experience, and judgment on one hand and from the
prespective of 'TRUTH' on the other hand.

To reconcile these common experiences against what is
ultimately true, there have been many theories brought
forward as anologies. The Pratibimba vada and
Parichhinna vada were specifically to address the
specific doubts with practical easily understood
examples. But these examples, theories are not 100%
imposing. The example has to be left behind after that
specific reference. We also know the example to 'Red
Hot Iron Ball' which explains how Atman identifies
itself with Anatman.

Possibly, the 'Reflection' is a derived concept to
convey the 'Source' of true nature of the
'Individuals'. Here again we are calling the
'Individual' as just a 'Reflection' because we do not
see 100% Universal Love in an individual. Pure Being
is 100% Love. (and similar other such Essential
characteristics Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam). So, that we
can attribute this 'loss' of Pure qualities to
'Prakriti' or 'Mind' filters, the 'Reflection'
anology/theory has been brought forward. It is just a
techinique to explain.

Otherwise, at the stage of 'Realisation' we 'MUST'
'SEE' two birds. 

The Psychological approach to understand is to arrive
at the Knowledge of how this 'Infinite' has become

I find some very interesting thoughts from books
titled, 'Essence', 'Elixir of Enlightenment' (both
published as one book) by A.H. Almaas (Hamid Ali).
More information at Ridhwan.org

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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