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Ravi ravi at
Fri May 30 15:10:17 CDT 2003

Respected Sri Kalyanji:

As one of the Administrators of this list, I find your language in 
this post unacceptable. 

It is the traditional view that shruti is apaurushheya. R^ishhi-s are 
only mantra drashhTa-s. Language of expression itself may have 
influence of temporal effects in it. That does not imply composition 
by human authors and  the time of seeing the mantra-s does not 
invalidate it or make it inferior. As long as you accept it as shruti, 
you have no choice but accept its apaurushheya aspect and consider its 

As far as this list is concerned, opinion of the traditional maTha-s, 
such as  Sringeri maTha alone matter and view of indologists are of NO 
importance. Hence, let us base our discussion from that view point.

I hope you understand our position. And I request all the participants 
to end this thread.

Thank you and if I have offended any of you by this post, I apologize 
in advance.

With best wishes,


> Rubbish. Have you read the Rig Veda or the Satapata brahmana? Unlike 
> who was no important God in the Rg Veda samhita, Purusha(Narayana) 
> started their careers as supreme gods. No where is Purusha 
identified with 
> Vishnu in the Rg Veda samhita.
> You dont even know why the 10th mandala is treated as the later 
> There is evidece from linguistics. Linguists who have studied the 
> of language in depth have told this. All in all it is similar to a 
> scene investigation where you proceed based on the rules
> It is not as if the Rg veda is unauthored. Mandalas 2 to 7 which are 
> considered to be  the oldest are called family mandalas as they are 
> by families of rishis. So much for the nonsense that you talk.
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