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--- kalyan chakravarthy <kalyan_kc at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Rubbish. Have you read the Rig Veda or the 
> Satapata brahmana? Unlike Vishnu who was no 
> important God in the Rg Veda samhita, Purusha
> (Narayana) have started their careers as supreme 
> gods. No where is Purusha identified with Vishnu 
> in the Rg Veda samhita.

Neither is the Purusha associated with Narayana in
RksamhitA. And in any case, you are forgetting that
this idea of Purusha is only in the 10th Mandala, not
before. So, your idea is again wrong that Purusha
started their career (sic!) as the highest god. That
idea came in much later, according to Indologists

> You dont even know why the 10th mandala is 
> treated as the later mandalas.

Imbecile assumptions.

> crime scene investigation where you 
> proceed based on the rules

If only it were to be so. Most of the times, it is
undoubtedly, an investigation to suit one's theories.

> It is not as if the Rg veda is unauthored. Mandalas 
> 2 to 7 which are considered to be  the oldest are 
> called family mandalas as they are composed by 
> families of rishis. So much for the nonsense that 
> you talk.

Your confusion is evident by the fact that I never
talked about any stuff that you impose on me. Just
check if you are shouting for the right thing and at
the right person !


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