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Dear Jaldhar,

I only know a little about festival calculation, and it is certainly
possible that I am wrong. I have a Sanskrit document which may shed a little
light on this discussion. Unfortunately, I can't read Sanskrit yet. If you
have a few minutes, could you please translate the following document?



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> On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Ajit Krishnan wrote:
> >
> > There are two general schools of thought regarding the celebration of
> tithi
> > based festivals. Some choose the vedic day when a particular tithi
> occurs at
> > the time of observance, while others choose the vedic day when the tithi
> > occurs at sunrise. I have been taught to use the tithi at the time of
> > observance.
> >
> > Based on my limited observations, smarthas seem to prefer the tithi at
> the
> > time of observance, while dvaitin-vaishnavas seem to prefer the tithi at
> the
> > time of sunrise.
> >
> Is a matter of sampradaya and not say a regional difference?  Because the
> Gujarati mandirs around here all chose the 30th regardless of affiliation.
> True, some of them might not have known the niceties of panchang
> calculation but others have knowlegable Pujaris who I would expect to know
> such things.
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