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On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 Darshan.Pawargi at engg.tjc.co.in wrote:

> I here want to clarify something that i heard of Saguna-Nirguna and
> similar sayings. Saguna means gunas associated with form. Nirguna means
> not no-gunas but one having all of them -undistinguising kind. Similar
> goes with Sakar-Nirrakar. Because everthing comes from the one and
> everything goes in one or everthing is one. Saguna- cannot come from
> Nirguna if nir-guna means no-qualities. I would like to make this more
> clear to me.

Imagine you are flying over the ocean.  If you are looking down from a
great height it may seem that it is perfectly flat and calm.  As you
descend you will see that it is actually in constant turmoil and has
waves, foam, boats etc.  How did these things "grow" from the flatness?
They didn't, the observers perspective changed.  The superimposition
(adhyasa) of gunas on the guna-less is due to the flawed perspective of
the observer.

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