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Dear Subramanian,

As time passes, and the intellect of large parts of society degrades, people
advocate rites that are shorter, simpler, easier to observe, and give quick
results. It is logical to observe that a result which comes quickly must
also end quickly. It is usually easy to deal with the symptoms of a problem,
but harder to eradicate its root.

In earlier yugas, the general populace was more concerned with sustainable
results than speedy results. The highest among these seekers tried to get
rid of the very cause of misery, avidya, to become freed once and for all. 

Even those who wanted worldly desires wanted the results to last forever, or
for as long as possible. 

The grahas (in general) are slow moving planets. It takes a lot of effort to
propitiate them, and their results are often slow in coming, and long
lasting (they are certainly around for an entire lifetime). Any astrologer
worth his salt will propitiate the planets directly. However, people that go
to an astrologer often want superficial solutions to problems that plague
them in the current life, at the currently moment in time. For these seekers
of bandaid solutions, the astrologer will often advocate the desire-filled
worship of the deities signified by grahas. 

The worship of the navagrahas is so important that it forms a part of
sandhyavandana. It doesn't get much more "required" than that.


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> Dear Advaitins
> 1) is it correct to conclude For Avaitins SIva and VIshnu are same
> Some Iyers and Smartas tell me Siva created Vishnu to protect the world,
> Vaishnavites say (Siva is a SriVishnavite) Pls .. Go through the website.
> http://www.chinnajeeyar.org/quesans.htm#qa
> I would like to know what was Sankaras View on this Topic.
> 2)Worshiping of Navagrahas was done in Dvaparyugam, its mentioned evenin
> Mahabaratha.. Now SriVaishnavites say that.. Worshipiing navagraham is not
> required. Iam putting this more towards the ritualism.
> Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.
> Subramanian
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