[Advaita-l] time of yogins for salvation

Ramesh Badisa badisa55 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 15:22:16 CDT 2004

Dear respected members,
Namaste. I will be grateful to you if you could through some light on the 
following question:

In Gita 8/23 Lord Krishna mentions different times, at which leaving of 
physical body, a yogi does or does not return to the world. In 8/24, the 
various names, like agni, jyothi, day etc denote the deities associated with 
them in order to guide the departing soul on archiradhi marg. In this sloka, 
the time denoting terms are uttarayanam and dakshinayanam, if I am correct. 
However, these names are also designated as the names of deities that help 
the departing soul on this path. It means that all names of 8/24 denote the 
names of various deities. In that case, where is the question of time 
refered for yogis? When there is no time reference mentioned in this sloka, 
how come the Brahma Sutra IV.2.21 says that the time or other details are 
concerned only for yogis who follow yoga and sankhya systems.


Ramesh B Badisa

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