[Advaita-l] New member introduction: P.S. Ramanathan

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon Apr 19 14:20:01 CDT 2004


I am Ramanathan P. S.  I have undergone Vedic/Dharmasastra studies in the
traditional way.  So naturally am interested in Vedanta too.  I had
completed chatussootri with Santipatah, etc. long ago but has not proceeded
further in the order.

I have authored a few books mainly on Karmakanda like Rg-yajuh-Samavedeeya
Sandhyavandana (a detailed commentary on the Sandhya worship according to
the three sakhas of the Veda with full documentation of the references and
citations and indices in Mal-1985), Gayatri-bhashyam, (Skt-1986)
Surya-namaskara (Vedic Sun Worship-Mal), Darsa Sraddha (a detailed account
of the New Moon day ritual in respect of the departed ancestors with
commentary, textual references, etc., in Mal), Maharshigal Charitam
(Sanskrit-Tamil Ed. 1992), Veda Vijnanam (Skt,-Tamil 2003) etc. Presently
engaged in editing three books on Vedic literature  -- Vedanga Siksha
(Mal.), Srautam (Tamil) and the Pitrmedha-sutras of Apastamba with
Ganapatya-vritti of Mm Painganadu Ganapati Sastrin (Skt.).

Hope this is enough by way introduction.

Best regards: ramanathan

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