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rohit ubhayaker rohit8ganesh at
Wed Apr 21 02:05:05 CDT 2004

Dear  Saadhakas ,
I  am  sorry  for  the  double  post  I sent  last , I  must  have  pressed  the  Send  button  twice .
Anyway  my  question  is , where  can  I  get  the  Bhaashya  on  Shri  Lalitaa  Trishati  by  Shrimad  Aadi  Shankara ?  I  live  in  Mumbai . Can  anyone  tell  me  the  publishers'  name , etc.?  I  would  prefer  the  original  Sanskrita - cum -  English  translation .
With  Love ,
Rohit N. Ubhayaker.

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