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I sent this yesterday and for some reason did not go through.

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Bharathiya vidya bhavan publishes a translation in English by Sri Chaganti
Suryanarayana Murthy. Based on this book, I posted around 170 names in this
list some time ago. But this book does not translate the puurva piiThika and
phala shruti (uttara piiThika).  This is does not include the original. But
you can get the original in the volume 5 of collected works of Sankara from
Samata Books.

I have posted my approximate translation of puurva piiThika (both here and
in ambaa.org). I am in the process of translating uttara piiThika. Recently
I bought a book by Sri Chidanandanaatha which translates all (in Tamil).
However, the author himself mentions that for names he does not all reveal
all the details in Sankara  bhAshhya, as he feels that some of it should be
learnt from a guru.



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> Dear  Saadhakas ,
> I  am  sorry  for  the  double  post  I sent  last , I  must
> have  pressed  the  Send  button  twice .
> Anyway  my  question  is , where  can  I  get  the  Bhaashya  on
> Shri  Lalitaa  Trishati  by  Shrimad  Aadi  Shankara ?  I  live
> in  Mumbai . Can  anyone  tell  me  the  publishers'  name ,
> etc.?  I  would  prefer  the  original  Sanskrita - cum -
> English  translation .
> With  Love ,
> Rohit N. Ubhayaker.

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