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We've recently had some discussion about this and while reading "Voice of
Jagadguru" I saw this on page 20 which is wondefully apropos I think.

It has been stated that  devotion to the Guru means essentially the
carrying out of his commands.  What then are the commands which have been
laid down by our Guru?  The great Master Shri Shankaracharya has himself
condensed them in a small work called Upadesha Panchakam.  We shall just
consider the first stanza therein.  Eight commands are contained in it.
They are:

vedo nityamadhIyatAm |

1. Study the Vedas daily.

taduditaM karma svanuSTIyatAm |

2. observe properly the activities enjoined therein.

teneshasya vidhIyatAmapachittiH |

3.  Perform the worship of God by means of the same.

kAmye matistyajyatAm

4. Abandon the desire in desireful actions

pApaughaH paridhUyatAm

5. Shake off the store of sins

bhavasukhe doSho'nusandhIyatAm |

6. Ponder over the defects in sensual pleasures

AtmecchA vyavasIyatAm |

7. Steady the longing for the Self.

nijagrhAttUrNaM vinirgamyatAm |

8. Walk out of your home soon.

[In a followup I'll write how Swami Chandrashekhar Bharati explained

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