Fw: [Advaita-l] Announcing Termination of Soundaryalahari Digest

Ranjeet Sankar thefinalsearch at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 28 23:33:22 CDT 2004

Dear Prof-ji,

This yajna which you had conducted was indeed majestic.
After I started reading your digest, I placed the picture of Devi in my puja
room. Earlier it was incomplete!

Scores of praNams at your feet.

Hari Om

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Subject: [Advaita-l] Announcing Termination of Soundaryalahari Digest

> Namaste.
> This is to announce the termination of the Soundaryalahari
> Digest,  with just one more post   to go. By the Grace, of
> Mother Goddess, of the Mahaswamigal and of my Guru, the
> task of translating in digest form, the Tamil Discourses of
> the Mahaswamigal on Soundarya-lahari, has come to a
> successful end.  The  study of these discourses and the
> work of 'digesting' them in the English  language, has
> been, though challenging,  very satisfying, spiritually. In
> this task there are several members - scores of them --
> from the advaitin group, ambaa group,  advaita-L group and
> Sadhana_Shakti group who have encouraged me and helped me
> constructively. There are also friends and relatives
> outside these groups who have done so. I stand indebted to
> them all. The entire set of posts has also been posted by
> me on my website.

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