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> Some postulate a difference between "one who performs works such as
> agnihotra" and "one who does not". When any difference is postulated,
> it must be made clear as to "for whom" this difference is postulated.

The very fact that you are typing out emails and responding to points
implies that it is for such a person (engaged in Karma) that this
difference is postulated.

IF you have truly attained the status of:

> The gItA negates any such difference for a particular type of person:
> tyaktvA karmaphalAsaMgaM nityatRuptO nirAshrayaH |
> karmaNyabhipravRuttO&pi naiva kiMchit karOti saH ||
> He who has renounced the fruit of work, he who is ever contented, he
> who leans on nothing, even when he is doing work, does not do
> anything.

THEN, I salute you. 

But please excuse me for having my doubts :-)

asaktabuddhiH sarvatra jitaatmaa vigataspR^ihaH .
naishhkarmyasiddhiM paramaam sannyaasenaadhigachchhati ..
"He who is unattached, whose self is subdued and desireless, by
sannyAsa he attains the supreme state of freedom from action." 
(GItA 18.49)

mokshaikasaktyaa vishhayeshhu raagaM
nirmuulya sannyasya cha sarvakarma .
sachchhraddhayaa yaH shravaNaadinishhTho
rajaHsvabhaavaM sa dhunoti buddheH ..
"He who by means of one-pointed devotion to Liberation roots out the
attachment to sense-objects, renounces all actions, and with faith in
the Real Brahman regularly practices hearing, etc., succeeds in purging
the Rajasika nature of the intellect." (VivekachUDAmaNi 182)

Some think it unnecessary to give references, but I think it helps!


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