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Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 3 00:40:17 CST 2004

As a contribution to this topic from my side -
We have one of the members say -
>A Karma yogI and samnyAsI can EASILY be distinguished. The former
>PERFORMS WORKS such as agnihotra with detachment to its fruits, while
>the latter DOES NOT PERFORM WORKS such as agnihotra. This is such a
>FUNDAMENTAL distinction that it makes no sense to interpret it as you
>have done: "The true karmayOgi cannot be distinguished from the true
This appears to be true since Krishna talks about karma yoga and karma sannyAsa yoga. That would make sense if a karma yogi and a sannyAsi are treated as different, atleast in that context. It would be more interesting to know what Sri Kiran B R thinks on this matter. Probably an english rendering of the meaning as Bhaskar-ji asked for, would be helpful.
(Is it possible that the two contradictory viewpoints 1) karma yogi and sannyAsi are different and 2) karma yogi is a perfect sannyAsi, are arising because of different meanings of "sannyasi" in the two contexts?) 
We should probably spend more time on discussing what the gIta says on issues of karma and jnAna, since we are getting diverse opinions from different people. (not only from within this list but also from outside).  That would also strengthen our faith in the advaitic interpretation of these issues.

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