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> > > (3)
> > > yadyadAcharati shrEShTastattadEvEtarO janaH |
> > > sa yatpramANaM kurutE lOkastadanuvartatE ||
> > > (2)
> > > na mE pArthAsti kartavyaM triShu lOkEShu kiMchana |
> > > nAnavAptamavAptavyaM varta Eva cha karmaNi ||
> > ...Again there is nothing relevant to your thesis here.  Bhagavan
> is
> > demonstrating His place as the upholder of Pravrtti Dharma even
> though
> > Nivrtti Dharma is superior.
> The relevance is this:
> Although there is no karma for kRuShNa in any of the three worlds, he
> works. Repeat - he works.

Let us get some facts straight about who holds "I act" and who holds "I
act not". There are two GItA verses here:

prakR^iteH kriyamaaNaani guNaiH karmaaNi sarvashaH .
ahaN^kaaravimuuDhaatmaa kartaahamiti manyate .. 3.27 ..
"All activities are carried out by the GuNas, but the deluded thinks 'I

naiva kinchitkaromiiti yukto manyeta tattvavit.h .
pashyaJNshruNvanspR^ishaJNjighrannashnangachchhansvapa~nshvasan.h ..
"The Knower of Truth thinks 'I do not act' even while seeing, eating,

We have also the verse in which KR^ishhNa talks about himself and

na me paarthaasti kartavyaM trishhu lokeshhu kinchana .
naanavaaptamavaaptavyaM varta eva cha karmaNi .. 3.22..
"I have, Arjuna, no duty to discharge, yet I act."

Now, the above three verses are saying:

1) The ignorant holds 'I act'. (GItA 3.27)
2) The knower of Truth holds 'I act not'. (GItA 5.8)
3) The Lord says 'I act'. (GItA 3.22)

Therefore, we have a most wonderful conclusion that can be drawn from
your novel interpretation of the GItA that takes into account the above
three verses:

4) The Lord says 'I act', which only the ignorant thinks, therefore the
Lord is ignorant!

If that's the logic you're using in interpreting the GItA, good luck to
you in spreading the word on Karma-Yoga :-)

Most advaitins talk about concepts like "saguNa" and "nirguNa" Brahman
while interpreting the GItA, you should look into it sometime, you may
find it a bit too radical!



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