[Advaita-l] Bhaja Govindam rendition by MS

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I'm sorry if I'm totally off the mark, but here's what
I know: what MS has sung are the (12?) verses written by
Adi ShankarAchArya Himself. The other (14?) verses that 
we've read were written by His disciples. Although the 
entire collection of stanzas is Bhaja govindam, MS has 
sung just what Adi ShankarA wrote.

jai bajranga bali,

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> Smt. Subbalakshmi in her rendition of Bhaja Govindam selects only a few
> verses from the entire poem. I would like to know if there is any
> special significance to these verses selected(I think they are verses
> 1,2,5,11,18,20 and the last two verses - I might have missed out some
> more). Otherwise, is it because the poem is big that she chooses to
> render only these selected verses.

I have always wondered why she only renedered select verses from the
bhaja govindam. I hope someone throws light on this question..
> I shall also be glad to know if a complete rendition of Sri Sankara's
> composition has been sung by MS .

I looked around quite a bit for a complete rendition by MS but was
unable to find one. I doubt it she ever rendered the complete text.

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