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Tue Dec 7 20:25:38 CST 2004

> Just to quote ONE EXAMPLE OF SHASTRA - the Apastamba dharma sUtra
> (
> "9. For him (the Samnyasin) they prescribe the following rules).
> 10. He shall live without a fire, without a house,..."

This is one meaning of the word saMnyAsI. There is no need to stick to
this meaning when understanding BG 6.1. It is not uncommon that words
get context-dependent meanings, especially given the constraint of
chaMdaH. There are examples in the shAMkaragItAbhAShya itself of
giving new and totally uncommon meanings to words, sentences and
grammatical constructs. For one, see the bhAShya for:

"...tamEva chAdyaM puruShaM prapadyE yataH pravRuttiH prasRutA
puraaNI" (BG 15.4)

It is crystal clear that this vAkya is spoken by kRuShNa ("prapadyE"),
Shri Shankara makes believe that kRuShNa says that Arjuna must say

In some other place (I forget), Shri Shankara asks the pUrvapakShI :
"What if [my thesis] goes against shruti?"


achchakannaDigara baLaga!

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