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Tue Dec 7 22:02:00 CST 2004

> Subsequently Shankara  also showers
> abundant appreciation to paramArtha saNyAsa in which saNyAsi not only
> renounces the karma phala but also renounces the karma itself (like agni
> hOtra etc.) (shankara says sarva karma tat phala tyAga lakShaNaM paramArtha
> saNyAsaM).  In short we can say, karma yOgi does the work with a jnAna that
> *HE* only doing the work through him, whereas in jnAnanishTa saNyAsi who
> has taken paramArtha saNyAsa,  this katrutva bhAva itself been sublated.
> In anyway, both are not the victims of karma phala baNdhana.  In that sense
> both are one & the same.

Both are are free from attachment to both karmaphala and karma. The
karmayOgI does not have any kartRutvabhAva.

Why doesn't a sanyAsI do work like everybody else? What reasons does
he have for not working (other than old age, physical incapability,
etc)? What is he going to lose if he does? There is no answer for
this. If there is something he is going to lose if he works, I accuse
him of being attached to that, and I call it the phala of the karma of
meditation. Being attached to karmaphala, he is comparable to the
worst ruffian on Dalal Street. Hence, I refuse to grant the
meditator-in-the-cave the elevated status which Shri Shankara grants.

In this regard, those who think it's strange if a saMnyAsI does karma
must call to mind vyAsa who begot Pandu, Dhrutharashtra and Vidura.
Was it action or what? Was it karma or what?


achchakannaDigara baLaga!

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