[Advaita-l] Ganesha Pratah Smarana Slokas

Barraclough, Eleathea D eleathea_barraclough at merck.com
Wed Dec 8 14:52:19 CST 2004


Some years ago, in 1997, one "Anand Hudli" posted a message containing a
shloka from a gaNesha praataH smaraNa stotram. He also included the
translation. As I understand, there are two other verses in this praataH
smaraNam, and I am very interested to find out the correct Sanskrit and
English translation for those verses.

Here is the verse that was already translated:

praatarbhajaamyabhayadaM khalu bhaktashokadaavaanalaM gaNavibhuM
varakuJNjaraasyaM | aGYaanakaananavinaashanahavyavaaha-
mutsaahavardhanamahaM sutamiishvarasya || 

Here is my best attempt at the Sanskrit for the two remaining verses:

praataH smaraami gaNa naatham anaatha bandhum
Sindhuura puura parishobhita gaNDa yugmam
uddhaNDa vighna parikhaNDana caNDa daNDam
aakhaNDalaadi suranaayaka puujaniiyam

Praatarnamaami caturaanana vandya maanam
Icchaanu kuulam akhilaJNca varam dadaanam
Tam tundilam dvirasanaadhipa yaGYa suutram
Putram vilaasa chaturam shivayo shivaaya

I am very much hoping that Anand Hudli or anyone else will be able to help
me obtain the authoritative versions of these verses as well as the English

Thank you,

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