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On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Sankaran Aniruddhan wrote:

> namaste,
> Is it correct to say that:
> karmayogi - performs karma, gives up *attachment* to fruit of karma, however
> does receive its fruit since he identifies himself with actions.

Even the karmayogi should give up kamya karma (things done for
purely for personal pleasure.) But otherwise this is a good definition.

> sannyAsin - gives up nityakarma etc (and of course attachment to its fruit),
> but performs residual activities like nidhidhyAsana etc, receives its fruit.

sannyasis can be of two types.  One who renounces action as it is an
impediment to his pursuit of jnana, and the other who is already a jnani
and therefore sees w the futility of action.

> jnAni - performs no karma, performs minimal activities required for
> sustenance of body,

Note that actions to e.g. breathing or to satisfy hunger, thirst etc. are
not counted as karma because they are purely instinctual.

> does not identify himself with any action, receives no
> fruit of any action.

Yes and such a person is a jivanmukta (liberated in this life.)

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