[Advaita-l] Request for information related to some nityakarmas!

RamkumarN at aol.com RamkumarN at aol.com
Thu Dec 16 03:39:29 CST 2004

Hello Members,
I request information reg the following.

1. In nitya devatarchana, what is Shankodaka? what is its use? what should we 
recite while doing it?

2. For Nitya devatarchana vigrahams/salagrama/sivalinga, can we apply 
kumkum(vermilion)  apart from sandalwood paste?

3. My brother has recently travelled to Neatherlands and he will be arriving 
next week. What is the prayaschittam that needs to be done? Is there any 
well-versed purohit in Bangalore(or for that matter any where in India) who can 
conduct it?

4. what is the significance of vaishva deva? when is to be performed during 
neivedyam? Any learned person in Bangalore who can teach it?

5. In Dhanurmasam, by what time we should complete Devatarchana and Neivedyam?


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