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Apologies to Shri Ballakrishnen but this didn't go through to the
list earlier.

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Dear Sir,

Yes you can and should apply kunkumam on siva linga, saligrama etc. As of
the vaishwadeva karma, it is only for grahastas. Brahmachari and sanyasis
are not suppossed to do it. This is not done during naivedyam, but after
madhyanikam, brahma yagya, but before food. This is rather elaborate
ritual, in the sense for the modern indian. It involves homa and bali to
be spread on the floor and then put to the crows. With  regard to the
prayachittam for your brother there are people, but you need to send me a
personal mail mentioning you veda shaka, gothram etc. I will be able to
help. - Ballakrishnen  

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