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I was trying to post the below to the list, but could not:
I was after a long time looking at the archives during my vacation, and
noticed Sri Ramakrishna Balasubramaniam's question on Vaastu Suktam as
part of a chain on Sarpa Suktam (which was answered I believe)
The Vaastu Homa mantras are found in the ekAgni kANDam of the Apastamba
sUtra tradition of taittiriya sakha:
Vaasto'shpate prati jaaniihyasmaan...
Vaasto'shpate shagmayaa...
Vaasto'shate prataraNo na edhi..
Ameevahaa vaasto'shpate...
shivam shivam
Also, there was a question relating to the mantra "subrahmaNyom". This
occurs in Aruna Prashna of Taittiriya Aranyaka, and is a quote of a
famous Sama Veda chant. There is a recording of this Sama Veda chant in
the Frits Staal rare recordings of the 4 vedas from the early 1970's (in
which he also has some recordings of probably now extinct Sama Veda
sakhas), in case any body has heard it

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