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That is the book based on Vedanta Deshika's SatadhuushhaNI. Shri S.M.S.
Chari maama stayed with me for ten days, taught me Shree Bhaashhya and
also giving lectures on the comparative analysis of three mataa-s. He
said no advaitin has addressed the issues raised in the ShataduushhaNii.
Shree Ananta Krishna Shaastri has written Shatabuushhanii in response
but according to Shri Chari, he only reiterated the advaita doctrine
without responding to item by item.

Hari OM!

--- Aravind Mohanram <psuaravind at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Members,
> I was reading the book with the above title by Shri S.M.S. Chari and
> found some interesting things that I would like to clarify with
> learned members. Moderators, please let me know if I can post on the
> above topic. 
> Thanks.
> Aravind.
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