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If my understanding is correct, according to Holenarsipur Swamiji,
Karana Karya Prakriya is the teaching method by which the Guruju superimposes the idea of Brahman being the Karana (cause) of Jagat and the Jagat being the karya (effect), and thereby ultimately endup teaching - the Karya is NOT different from the Karana,  the difference perceived is just a wrong understanding.
As the karya is not different from the karana, Brahman is real.  which is Moksha.
this is my rough understanding of Sri Swamiji's Upadesa.
He however warns us that, in the tradition of Vedanta, Brahman being described as Karana is ONLY in the sense of its being the Substratum (Adhishtana) of this show of jagat.

S Venkatraman <svenkat52 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Many Thanks. Could you please let me know what Karya Karana Prakriya is? pranams, Venkat - M

venkata subramanian wrote:4. Adhyaropa Apavada Prakriya
5. Karya Karana Prakriya

are they correct ? i think the Holenarsipur Swamiji holds the Adhyaropa Apavada Prakriya to be THE Central and chief one.

S Venkatraman wrote:
Namasthe Kathirasanji,

While Shri. Lundgren has replied your question about the book, I have a more mundane clarification to seek from you on the five prakriyas themselves. I could think of only 3:

1. Pancha Kosha Prakriya
2. Sarira traya prakriya
3. Awastha traya prakriya

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