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Hello Stig,
i dont know whether this will interest you.  a friend told me that the Holenarsipur Swamiji has written a work in Kannada on the life and works of Sri Shankara.  
in that he mentions that he has a solitory manuscript of Sri Shankara's Commentary on the Aithareya Upanishad - first 3 chapters too.  (Currently everywhere, only the 4th, 5th and the 6th chapters with bhashya have been published - from Esha Atma.......)  This commentary is from - Dvaou Panthanou....(1st chapter).  He says that the bhashya style and the content shows that this is a Genuine work of the Acharya.
some of us wrote to the holenarsipur authorities and later after some effort, they decided to print a devanagari edition on the complete 6 chapter commentary.  the first copy commentary script came to me for proof correction.
i had to take resort to the commentary of Sri Kanchi Upanishad Brahmendral, whose commentary is available for the 1st 3 chapters also.  
i was very surprised to see that this swamigal has very closely followed, (rather in many places even literally followed) the same commentary in manuscript with Holenarsipur.  i got a doubt which is earlier.
at a place in the 2nd chapter, there was a discussion about mandala devatas, where the upanishad brahmendra swamigal has cited the view of the manuscript and has taken an independant view, after lightly criticising the manuscript's view.  
This in view, confirms that the manuscript commentary is older.  
further, according to the swamiji's kannada translation edition of Shankara Bhashya on Aithareya upanishad, the current teeka on aithareyopanishad published everywhere is probably that of Narayanendra tirtha and not the famous Ananda Giri.  he surmises that the anandasrama colophon at the end of its edition is probably correct.  
This narayanendra's tika on Chandogya bhashya - 6 to 8 chapters has been published from varanasi.  comparingly, even i feel the style is very close with aithareya tika.
any way, Sri Acharyal's commentary on the ENTIRE Aithareyopanishad IS available.  i dont know when the authorities plan to publish it.

Stig Lundgren <slu at bredband.net> wrote:
Venkata Subramanian wrote:

> Stig Lundgren
> Does the book - Method of Vedanta deal with the issue of
examining the works of Sri shankara to find which are genuninely
his works ?

I´m not sure if I understand your question correctly. Do you mean
Saravjnatman´s Panchaprakriya (the book discussed in this thread)
or The Method of Vedanta of Swami Satchidanandendra Saraswati? If
you mean Saravjnatman, the answer is no. The translator (Ivan
Kochmarek) discusses the genuine works of Saravjnatman, though.
But if you mean Satchidanandendra Swamiji, the answer is yes. In
fact, the issue of Sankara´s genuine works are discussed on
several places in Method of Vedanta.

Warm regards
Stig Lundgren

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