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>From my understanding:

Moksha does not invove going anywhere or achieving something - those
involve karma -  and na karamanaa .. says it is not of that type.  If
the reality is all pervading, going or path by definition is
incompatible.  Hence these statements should be understood as symbolic. 

Path of Sun - Sun stands for illuminating diety.  Hence it is the path
of  knowledge.  aaditya varnam tamasH parastaat. 

This is how I interpret, if ignorace is the bondage and knowledge is the
antodote - any path is within the ignorance itself. It is something to
understand as aham brahmaasmi rather than somewhere to go. There cannot
be any paths leading to Brahman as all paths are in Brahman. One cannot
become Brahman.  One has to recognize that one is Brahman.  

Hari OM!

--- Ramesh Badisa <badisa55 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> In 8/16, lord Krishna says that who so ever goes to Brahma Lok,  they
> will 
> have to return to mundane world. On the other hand, in 8/24, he
> advises 
> Arjun to attain solar path. It is said that the souls of this solar
> path 
> will also eventually go to Brahma Lok. In that case, they are also
> subjected 
> to the condition of 8/16. But Lord Krishna says that these souls will
> attain 
> salvation. How is that possible.
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