[Advaita-l] BG 8-24

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Thu Jan 15 14:37:36 CST 2004

Krishna clearly qualifies 8-24 and 8-25.  In 8-24, he simply does not say
all janaaH, but qualifies it with brahma vidaH.  And in 8-25, he qualifies
it as yoginaH. Hence, 8-24 does not contradict 8-16.  Also, the term brahma
vidaH should be understood carefully here.  Sankara says the following:
brahma vido brahma upaasakapara janaaH krameNa it vaakyasheshhaH ... -- That
is you should take that as those who worship qualified brahman and attain
liberation in stages.

It is also possible to say that 8-24 is applicable to those who engage in
nivrrti maarga and 8-25 is for those in pravrtti maarga.

I think that in 8-16, by using the specific word brahma bhuvana, it is
distinguished from the other usage of the word brahma-loka, which is in the
proximity of qualified brahman or iishvara. Here brahma bhuvana is the loka
of 4-headed brahma (consort of saraswathy).

My 2c. Needless to say that I may be wrong.


Ramesh Badisa  wrote on Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:41:25:

In 8/16, lord Krishna says that who so ever goes to Brahma Lok,  they will
have to return to mundane world. On the other hand, in 8/24, he advises
Arjun to attain solar path. It is said that the souls of this solar path
will also eventually go to Brahma Lok. In that case, they are also subjected
to the condition of 8/16. But Lord Krishna says that these souls will attain
salvation. How is that possible.

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