[Advaita-l] New member introduction: Asuman Martone

Sanjay Verma sanjay1297 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 22:05:27 CST 2004

Dear Sister Asuman,
Pranam. Asalam Alaikum. In response to your expressed interest in unity of religions, I refer you to the following articles which may be of interest to you:
1) Articles by Sultan Shahin on Islam and Hinduism
These are published in Asia Times and show similarities between Hinduism (specifically advaita) and Islam. The following is the link to article #4 in an ongoing series. From that article you can probably get links to previous articles. I believe the most recent article is #5.
2) Krishna and Jesus
Op/Ed piece in "The Speaking Tree" -- a column in The Times of India showing similarities in the lives and teachings of Sri Krishna and Jesus Christ
3) Search for a river
Recent findings on the river Sarasvati dating the Vedas much further back than Western scholarship had previously deemed.


If you have any trouble accessing these links, please let me know. I have downloaded all the articles and can send them to you directly.
Om Shanti

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