[Advaita-l] New member introduction: Latha Vidyaranya

latha vidya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jan 16 03:40:01 CST 2004

Hari Om,
As I read mails from Advaita List, I am experiencing a surge of emotions - like the bride on a visit to her mummy's place after a long absence from mummy's house after her marriage! And all her kith and kin welcoming her to the house. Thank you all for according me a warm welcome. I am instantly feeling that belongingness here on the list............
Yes, you are right. I had started a series on Bhagavatham but that was not to be - then. May be after I settle down in the list I may start again. I need to get back to the groove............ it was as if a storm had blown me off my feet and carried me away into the folds of Maya entangling me so completely that I just bowed down to it. I accepted it. It was OK to be blown off sometimes. It was staggering, at the same time meditative at times....... taking me down the lanes of deep introspection.......... and the storm seems to have receded and I am slowly salvaging whatever remained and slowly getting back to my feet, all the while feeling the hands of my Guruji holding me firmly, assuring me that I will not get drowned in the 'Maya saagara' as long as I have firm faith in Him, that He just wanted me to get a feel of the storm, to understand how mortals get carried away by its waves and how they get zapped! I think I have become more empathic now...................
I look forward to a long association with you all...........
Satsangatve Nissangatwam, Nissangatve Nirmohatwam, Nirmohatwe Nishchala Tatwam, Nishchala Tatwe Jeevan MuktiH........... long long way for me to reach that stage! Perhaps this association will hasten the process.
latha Vidyaranya

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