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On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 tainakristina at jippii.fi wrote:

> I read today little pieces about discussion between Siva and Parvati.
> Discussion about time of Kali-yuga. How dharma is lessen in this dark
> time-period and how to practise in Kali-yuga time.
> This opened my understanding very much, I have often wondered why there
> have no same kind wisdom than ancient time, but now I undersdant it is
> due of Kali-yuga. I understood it last very long time
> and I wanted to know what happens after Kali-yuga?

Another Satya yuga.  What causes it?  The merit of the good deeds of the
people of the preceding Kaliyuga.  You see wisdom is always available.
Brahman is called akshara (immortal) and akaala (outside of time.)  The
problem is with each successive yuga people become more inattentive,
greedy and ignorant so they are blind to the wisdom which is available.

Therefore we should not pine for the "good old days."  Neither should
we assume we are so superior to the "primitive" people of the past.  This
is also a form of bondage to Maya.  For example if in ancient times
someone in Finland wanted to learn about Dharma how could they without
travelling all the way to India?  It would be practically impossible!  But
now thanks to the Internet you can find out about such things without
leaving your own home.  So from that perspective today is superior to the
past.  On the other hand in the past there were no things like nuclear
weapons and global warming so from that perspective it was better than

The wise know that time is like a wheel.  It is forever revolving and
sometimes there are good and bad parts.  But through the practice of
Vedanta we can escape the bonds of time altogether.

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