[Advaita-l] doubt

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Wed Jan 28 06:38:04 CST 2004

Hare Krishna

In the kArikA bhAshya shankara says  dhyAna, karma is recommended for the
benefit of manda & madhyama adhikari-s but not for those who entertain the
highest point of view which the one Atman without a second (EkamEvAdvitIya

Since the Atman is devoid of dharma & devoid of adharma too it is evident
that the nature of being an agent of action (kartru) & enjoyer (boktrutvam)
of jIva is simply notional.  That is the reason why shruti says He is
meditating as it were, he is moving as it were etc.etc.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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