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Fri Jan 30 01:41:31 CST 2004

"V. Krishnamurthy" <profvk at yahoo.com> wrote:

If they were brahman, and they
knew it, not only knew it but ‘were’ brahman, why did they
have thirst and hunger?” This is where we have to
understand the difference between the ordinary people’s
understanding of ‘I am brahman’ and the paroksha-jnAna that
such great men had of being brahman. 

Hari Om,


The whole world is an ignorant projection of my mind. "Vishwam darpana drishyamaana nagari tulyam"! Out of this ignorance is born the knowledge that Shankara and Ramana were Brhman and I am fool, ignorant and dumb. The need of the moment is to realise that everything is included solely in my perception. There is no world bereft of my perception. The moment I realise this Truth, me and my perception dissolve!


Latha Vidyaranya

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