[Advaita-l] Arrest of Kanchi Swamiji

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 15:43:20 CST 2004

Dear list members,

I sincerely doubt any swamiji who left the varnasrama can be put to 
humiliation. They have risen above that level.

We can't blame the king's servants for arrogance. They are just obeying the 

Arrogance of politicians who ordered the arrest going against the 
established norms is fit to be called tamo guna. The fact they had to jump 
so many rules, indicates they can't get their things done under law.

In the old system, especially north India, every temple has its akhada. It 
was a perfectly legal method for each temple to protect itself and the 
priests & holy men are not involved in these conflicts. But any old system 
looks "bad", seen from the light of a new system. Private akhadas are not 
required in a modern society because governments are supposed to provide 
necessary protection. However governments have consistently failed in 
protecting people, temples & temple property. Even some high profile 
political figures are known to be involved in antique smuggling.

'Meticulous accounting' may be a virtue, but it can also be argued that real 
culprits never make mistakes in paper work. Courts are generally competent 
to do analyze the evidence and decide. But will they be allowed to operate? 
The people who are now strongly celebrating the arrest of swamiji and 
justifying the methods used, are the same people who opposed TADA and POTO.

I am not praying for the acharya. I am praying that the country in which 
this happened may cure itself of its anarchy.

Best regards

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