[Advaita-l] Discussion on Swamiji's Arrest

SwaminathanYH maniaps at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 09:54:21 CST 2004

Dear Sri.Vivekshankar,
I agree with your fine sentiments and do join in praying for the restoration of sanity and safeguarding of the sampradaya, despite the fact that a very bad precedence has been established with this unfortunate event.  Including the moderator of this forum, there have been several others who have mentioned to just end this topic without further discussion, implying that one should leave it at that.  
On a practical plane, we are talking about the treatment meted out to the head of a traditional mutt whose photo many of us keep in our personal prayer room with reverence; whose bleesings we invoke in all auspicious invitations, be it marriage or upanayanam invitation.  I do not see how it becomes a burden if few members happen to even mention about the incidence, in a very proper manner, before which even the moderator steps in asking for closure of the topic.  
I have the privilege of being part of several other email groups where even complex matters are presented in a very friendly way so that it encourages members to interact and thereby educate themselves.  Even amidst serious topics, exceptional or interesting subjects do find a way in other forums which gives a break and makes it worthwhile.  But I must admit this particular group (advaita-l) is different in which even the regular postings refrain from addressing the mails to anyone in particular, more of one liners being dashed of as if replied in a hurry, does not carry the customary "regards" or some other closing salutation (which I believe is a basic respect that one can show to fellow human beings) before signing off!  Postings here seem more like accidentally coming across "intellectual exchanges" (devoid of any courtesies) between two "atmas" rather than two individuals!  
We are indeed referring to the Swamiji who is a descendent of the lineage of Adi Sankara, the founder of advaitam.  I am sure your appeal is very much to the liking of many asthikas, and would request the moderator for toleration, which is appropriate.
Best Regards
Vivekshankar Natarajan <nvivekshankar at yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Fellow Advaithins,
I certainly did not intend to start a discussion or a thread on the topic of Swamiji's arrest. As I said in the beginning, the merits of the case are best left to courts. However I believe that this is a forum for Asthika Advaithins and therefore I sent an appeal to join the prayers for the wellbeing of the sampradaya that the swami does represent. Hope this clarifies.


Vivek Shankar 

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