[Advaita-l] Discussion on Swamiji's Arrest

latha vidyaranya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Fri Nov 19 10:32:21 CST 2004

Hari Om,


World is my creation and the happenings of this world - moral or immoral, are once again the creation of my mind. If in such a world of mine, I am seeing such sad happening as Sri Shankaracharya's arrest, it is nothing but the creation of my sinful mind. I need to expend my past sin by undergoing such humiliatory experience of being a witness to such happenings in my mind's world. And I gain solace by sharing it with my friends on this forum, which again is my creation :)) Do I need to get unduly perturbed by a nightmare I see as a dream? No need to. I just need to relax, be a mute witness to all the drama. Silence can heal all wounds. Talking can only make it worse.

Hari om.

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