[Advaita-l] Sankaracharya's Arrest

Ramesh ks kslvram at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 23:57:50 CST 2004

I totally agree with your assessment.  Is the Kanchi Mutt meant for
Brahmins?  Is it not for propogating the Hindu Religion?  Is the Hindu
Religion the exclusive preserve of the Brahmins?  This exclusivist
attitude of Brahmins is what isolates them.


On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 17:25:53 -0800, U.K Anumula <anumula at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The Tamil Nadu Government, a responsible body answerable to ithe state's
> legislature and, equally importantly to the Judiciary and the media, not to
> speak of public opinion has according to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,
> found substantial evidence against the Kanchi Sankaracharya to justify his
> arrest.   There is no reason why prima facie the allegations should not be
> considered genuine.  The judiciary, after examining the evidence, will no
> doubt convict him or acquit him either honourably or because the evidence is
> insufficient to convict him or there is reasonable doubt.  We should neither
> judge him to be guilty nor conclude that he was unfairly charged until the
> conclusion of the case.   A true advaitin is a rational creature who does
> not come to conclusions based on hearsay or preconceived notions.   Adi
> Sankara would have adopted this stand.
> There is however one unfortunate aspect to the controversy.   There appears
> to be a rejoicing among non-Brahmins and sense of grievance among Brahmins.
>  This is a direct result of the caste system in India and the perverse
> directions it has taken in South India.   Brahmins have to indulge in
> introspection to find why non-Brahmins hate them that much.   Why do even
> illiterate Brahmins consider themselves socially superior to the most
> well-educated non-Brahmins?
> I beg to be excused if I have hurt the sentiments of some participants of
> this excellent forum.
> -----Umakantha Sarma.
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