[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 19, Issue 16

shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Sun Nov 21 22:33:31 CST 2004

Dear Mr.Ramesh,

Ramesh : I totally agree with  your assessment ?
Shankar: Yes, I too agree but partially.

 Ramesh:  Is the Kanchi Mutt meant for Brahmins? 
Shankar:   NO, not at all.

 Ramesh:  Is it not for propagating the Hindu Religion?  
Shankar:  Yes, it is for that.

Ramesh:  Is the Hindu Religion the exclusive preserve of the Brahmins?
Shankar: NO, It belongs to all followers of sanatana dharma.

Ramesh:  This exclusivist attitude of Brahmins is what isolates them?

Shankar :   Here I differ with you, agreed, for centuries the upper castes
suppressed the lower castes with their deplorable attitudes.
 BUT pls think does upper castes mean only brahmin ?.
 After independence, lots of welcoming changes has taken place.
 In Tamil nadu, the advent of dravidan parties have virtually seen 
that this oppression is eliminated and today it is eliminated
to 75% expect for some in remote places. In their eagerness
 to eliminate the caste system they targeted only Brahmins, as if
 they only are responsible. BUT all of them know there are  
so many other upper castes and they too were part in the atrocities.
 Since it was targeted only on Brahmins the entire section think
 that Brahmins are responsible.Almost for past 30yrs Brahmins 
have virtually been treated they way they treated backward classes.
 Many may not agree, but it is the scene in tamilnadu.
 When things are getting settled as dravidan parties wanted
and why this hatred ?.  

If this continues, the cycle will change and it will be 
back to square. Instead, people should realise that 
when things are changing, even though not at the expected pace,
they have to eliminate this oppression altogether rather
than forcing upon the same on the other.



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